What is Paleo?


I stumbled onto the Paleo Diet after reading The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I always describe myself as a Primal girl with Paleo tendencies…for me the two lifestyles really go hand in hand when trying to better yourself, your life, and your health.  To me it’s all about getting back to basics!  Paying attention to what I am putting in my body, what I put my body through, and what I surround my body with.  Most food today has evolved into a science experiment.  It is time to focus on eating real whole foods that are nourishing to our bodies.  Making my meals and snacks from scratch, reading ingredient labels when purchasing items, and being aware of what goes into the food I eat is key.

To me this lifestyle is about finding what foods make me the most happy and healthy.  Using Paleo as a guideline to discover the food plan for life.  By removing overly processed foods, and other foods that can commonly cause a negative bodily response (grains, dairy, legumes, etc), you will finally be given the opportunity to really notice how your body reacts to the absence of these specific food items.  It is remarkable the positive changes I have experienced once I stopped eating these foods.  When testing the waters and adding some of the items back into my diet I found that I can tolerate most legumes without a negative response, but I do not consume them frequently.  You may not need to say goodbye to all of these foods forever, but it will give you the chance to know what foods your body can actually tolerate.

It is important to remember that our bodies adapt and change over time. Becoming more aware of how you feel when you put something into your body is key, and continuing to re-evaluate how your body reacts to foods over the course of your lifetime is crucial.  No two bodies work or react the same. Therefore, the answers to our problems are not the same. It is up to ourselves to investigate what practices work best for our body, and then create our own individual guidelines for a day-to-day plan. To me the The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, and Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser are informative stepping-stones to finding that better healthier life.

Also, for more information on the Paleo lifestyle please check out Robb Wolf’s blog Revolutionary Solutions to a Modern Life and Chris Kresser’s blog Let’s Take Back Your Health.

I want to help jump-start this process for you! When it comes to planning meals and creating a new lifestyle for yourself it can get a little overwhelming, but please don’t let it shut you down before you even get started.  Don’t forget to check out my Ingredient and Gadget Guide section where I list and break down various ingredients in the primal/paleo cooking world so that you know what these products are, and where to find them.  Next, head on over to my Recipe Section and take a bite of some tasty treats!  These recipes can give you a leg up on planning and preparing yummy healthy meals for you and your family!  For blog posts, natural remedies, and budgeting and time management tips be sure to stop by my Topics page.  Stick with Primal G.R.I.T.S. and get started on the right foot when taking your first steps into a healthier life!

Don’t forget to check out the Paleo Visual Eating Guide

Below is a great visual guide for going Paleo:

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo


  1. Love the infographic! I eat somewhere between Paleo and I guess pescetarian. I have never eaten dairy because I just don’t like it…well that and it’s disgusting. I really don’t eat a lot of red meat I can’t afford it and finding grass fed beef in where I live is challenging, we have looooooooong winters in Canada and even grass fed farms have to supplement. I do eat a lot of cold water fish, it’s easy to get and priced better than beef or pork and I just prefer it. I can’t even tell you the difference it has made giving up grains…you probably already know. I have ADD and the symptoms are just so much better with dietary changes. I do cheat though I love peanuts but I try and keep it to a minimum.

    • Katie Folds

      Thanks so much for sharing! My husband hunts so we use deer meat in place of beef quite a bit because it saves us money as well. We are also big fish/seafood eaters. Giving up grains was the biggest positive change for me! I never cheat on gluten containing items because my bodily response is pretty unbearable (I have a gluten allergy). I can handle legumes and peanuts pretty well, but I do not consume them very often.

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