Guiding Principles

Merriam Webster couldn’t have defined Guide any better when it comes to my intentions of the word in this section. A Guide is “a person who leads or directs other people on a journey.”  This section is the Guiding Principles.  This is an area where you can find information, links, and guides on taking your Paleo or Primal journey (grain and gluten-free eating, primal and Paleo practices, etc.). I have also including wonderful information provided by the Weston A. Price Foundation. This section will lead you to options that you can further explore when trying to create your best life.  So grab a note-book and/or get ready to fave these pages, because this section has the things you need to take your first steps on your new journey!

 Primal Blueprint

Primal Blueprint Visual Guide

What is Paleo?

Take the Challenge…Go Paleo

Paleo Visual Eating Guide

Weston A. Price Foundation Principles

WAPF: Dietary Dangers

WAPF:  “Politically Correct Nutrition”