Favorite Websites and Blogs

Favorite Websites and Blogs

Starting off on a new healthier path can be very overwhelming. There is so much information out there about everything:  Paleo, Primal, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Real Food, Raw Foods…(take a breath)…and the list just keeps on going.  I know you are probably wondering a few things:  which way should I turn, what is the best way, where do I even begin?  Doing your own research is very important when trying to navigate your way through a new path, but I don’t want you to get too overwhelmed and stop before you really ever get started.  Just remember when you get frustrated:  There is no right way, there is only your way, and only you know which way that is :)

I wanted to give you a go-to page for resources.  When trying to find yourself on a personal health journey sometimes you just need a lil help on where to go next.  Here’s a list of websites and blogs that have been great tools for me that I take along in my pocket while stumbling up and down my personal journey.  Nutritional information, scientific research, amazing recipes, and others sharing their story has helped me formulate my own opinion about health and create the person I am today, and who I am going to be.  I think you will find that all are great resources to add to your own personal healthy info hoard! (The following links are listed in ABC order not by preference. I have pointed out a BUNCH of wonderful websites and blogs, but I still wasn’t able to include them all :(  So head on over to my Primal GRITS Pinterest Board and check out even more helpful links!)

Other helpful posts by Primal GRITS : Primal Blueprint, Primal Blueprint: Visual Guide,  What is Paleo, Paleo: Visual Eating Guide

Nutritional Information, Scientific Research, and More

Chris Kresser- Let’s Take Back Your Health Chris Kresser

Dr. Axe- Food Is Medicine Dr. Josh Axe

Mark’s Daily Apple Mark Sisson

Robb Wolf- Revolutionary Solutions To Modern Life Robb Wolf

The Weston A. Price Foundation “a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price”


Cooking Tips, Recipes, Natural Remedies, and Great Postings

Against All Grain Danielle Walker

Betty Rawker (Original Blog: raw, vegan, paleo, glutefree) Andrea Wyckoff

Cavegirl Cuisine Michelle Fagone

Eat Drink Paleo Irena Macri

Elana’s Pantry Elana Amsterdam

Grok Grub Rachel Ball

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Alexis Kornblum

Living Healthy With Chocolate Adriana Harlan

Multiply Delicious Heather Connell

Nom Nom Paleo Michelle Tam

Nutrition Stripped McKel Hill

paleOMG Juli Bauer

Paleo Parents Stacy Toth and Mathew McCarry

Paleo NonPaleo Alison Golden

Predominantly Paleo Jennifer Robins

Pure and Simple Recipes (Blog dedicated to paleo, grain free, low starch recipes) Andrea Wyckoff aka “Betty Rawker”

Rubies and Radishes Arsy Vartanian

Stupid Easy Paleo Stephanie Gaudreau

The Curious Coconut Amanda Torres

The Paleo Mom.com Sarah Ballantyne

The Spunky Coconut Kelly Brozyna

 The Urban Poser Jenni Hulet

Wellness Mama Katie- The Wellness Mama


    • Awe thanks!! I love your recipes and your story!! I will be adding the link to your other website Pure and Simple Recipes sometime today so that people can get access to it also just a click away from this page :o) Keep on sharing you are very encouraging and innovative!

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