Grain Free Savory Tortillas

                I am a big fan of Mexican food!  Fajita night has just never been the same since I revamped my diet and cut out grains.  I know all about replacing the shell with cabbage leaves, and other creative solutions, but I have to admit I just really … [Read more…]

Kindle Books Under Five

I love a good book especially when it’s under five dollars, or even free!  Here is a selection of books ranging from: Paleo guidelines and recipes, natural remedies, and canning your own fruits and veggies.  They are all on Amazon right now under five, and a few are FREE!  So take a look, click on a link, and snag … [Read more…]

Blueberry Muffins

I love blueberry muffins!  Every time I eat one I am flooded with memories of when I was a little girl visiting my Nana. She would always make my sister and me blueberry muffins for breakfast, and they were so yummy!  After finding out I have a gluten and casein allergy, my blueberry muffin recipe was definitely at … [Read more…]

Asparagus and Okra Superfood Sauté

I have always loved okra and asparagus, but never had I tried putting the two together in one Superfood packed dish!  The combination may sound funny, but let me tell you it turned out so tasty! So keep an open mind because this is one yummy Superfood side dish loaded with wellness boosters! Did you know that okra … [Read more…]

Sweet Potato Pie Power Smoothie

              Paleo/Primal/Dairy Free Servings: 1 large Smoothie (14-16 oz) or 2 Smaller Smoothies (7-8 oz each) Ingredients (Updated October 2015) 1 tablespoon Organic Raw Almond Butter 1 cup almond milk 1 small baked sweet potato (diced) 1 small banana (sliced, fresh or frozen) 1 teaspoon Organic Raw Chia Seeds 1 … [Read more…]

Free Kindle Books on Health and Nutrition

If you are anything like me you love buying and receiving books on various health and nutrition topics. Especially ones with recipes to try out and re-invent in the kitchen.  Here are several books on Amazon right now for free ranging from recipes, remedies,  Paleo tips, and more!  Of course the BEST thing about this … [Read more…]

Soothing Sinus Cider

Natural Sinus Congestion Reliever Chronic sinusitis is one of the symptoms I experience as a result of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE).  Before my dietary and lifestyle changes I found myself turning to over the counter decongestants all the time (more than I really should), but nothing ever seemed to work.  After 4-6 months of removing gluten … [Read more…]

Unlocking Endometriosis with Nutrition

In May of 2013 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  The Endometriosis was determined after a laparoscopy procedure completed by my gynecologist. It took me by surprise, because I had never considered that Endometriosis could be an answer to the various issues I was having.  Once I was educated about its symptoms, though, it made sense.  I had always … [Read more…]