Easy Peasy Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

                This recipe is so simple, yet so delicious, it’s the perfect go-to for a lil sweet treat on the fly!! These delectable morsels of goodness are just right for the entire family to enjoy plus they freeze beautifully for future snack attacks. I love to have treat items like these on standby for … [Read more…]

Deep Fried Naked Chicken Legs

This dish is a family fave! My husband fixes it once in a blue moon when we’re craving fried chicken, but not in the mood to “flour” it up (we use an almond flour mixture when breading is part of the plan.) These legs are so juicy and tender you won’t ever miss all that … [Read more…]

Southern Style Paleo Meatloaf

  Confession time! I have never liked meatloaf. I am not sure why, or what it was about it, but growing up it just didn’t tickle my fancy.  But y’all, I have to tell ya I am now a believer in this lil pan of goodness!!  After playing around with many traditional southern recipes, and giving … [Read more…]

BES Paleo Mini Muffin Quiches

          BES stands for the BEST…well actually BES = Bacon, Egg, and Spinach! (I promise this title was on purpose not a spelling mistake ) These mini quiches are simple and scrumptious!! It’s the perfect recipe for adding a variety of nutrients into one quick grab-n-go food option, without a lot of … [Read more…]

Scrambled Veggie Stir Fry

Continuing on with last weeks post theme I am presenting you with another quick, delicious, and inexpensive option for your health journey.  This meal abides by many dietary lifestyle basics such as: Paleo, Primal, 21 Day Sugar Detox, Whole 30, and The 30 Clean.  It’s the perfect dish for a busy work week, and when trying to … [Read more…]

Sausage and Cabbage One Pot Meal

          During the week is hectic, and when trying to live a more “from-scratch” lifestyle cooking everything can be overwhelming!  Making your entire meal at home without supplementing with pre-packaged items can be really hard to get use to for some.  Though, it’s important to know that trying to step away from these pre-made … [Read more…]

Paleorized “Cheezy” Crackers

        When transitioning my family to a more “from-scratch” way of eating I needed snack ideas/recipes for my kids.  It was a little difficult at first because they had some trouble getting use to some of the primal alterations I was making to their usual selections.  My girls are picky eaters, and a hard crowd … [Read more…]

Paleo Oat Free “Oatmeal”

Before changing over to a Primal/Paleo lifestyle I ate a bowl of oatmeal every day. I never knew that one of my “healthy” meal options was actually helping make me sicker.  After finding out I had EoE, I went on an elimination diet (I followed Paleo and/or Primal guidelines strictly for about 60 days). I discovered I  am allergic to … [Read more…]

Parsnip and Turnip Puree

              Hey y’all! So excited to share this particular recipe I have been working on! I really wanted to make sure I got it just right, and here it is.  The main reason behind creating this dish, I just have to admit, is because we are not a family that is fond … [Read more…]